The Bends

R&D at English Touring Theatre on ‘The Bends” by Megan Mostyn Brown. 9th June 2015 Great day working with resident film maker, Daniel Fazio, on The Bends by American writer, Megan Mostyn Brown. We are so excited about this play!  Megan wrote Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf for A Bite of the Big Apple and is currently writing on Gotham for Warner Brothers Studios. We were incredibly lucky to work with such talented and creative actors: Daniel Ableson, Associate Artist – Laura Howard, Daisy Hughes, Jason Langley and Will McGeough. A reunion of college friends in Chicago.  Are the mid-thirties the new mid-life crisis? Where should you be by time you’re 35?  Are you living the dreams you had starting out in adult life? Mostyn-Brown pitches these prevailant questions and much more during the course of one alcohol filled night.