Stephen-Darcy Training: RADA 1998-2001 & Trinity College Dublin 1994-1998 (BA drama) Stephen Darcy is a director and actor. Past directing projects include Richard III – RADA Enterprises Ltd, The Magic by John Grogan – Soho Theatre & 503, Chelsea Hotel by Lucy Shaw – RADA Festival, The Taste of Tears by Lucy Shaw – The Nursery, Nine by Jane Shepard – Lion and Unicorn. For many years he has developed new writing under the dramaturgy of Lloyd Trott at RADA including: An Odd Fashioned Romance & There is a Fox by A.C. Smith, The Chelsea Hotel Trilogy by Lucy Shaw, After Virgil by John O’Donovan. As an actor he has performed in the Abbey, Peacock, Olympia, Project in Dublin, The Lyric Belfast, The West End, The Bush, The Finborough and 503 as well as many roles in TV, film and radio.